A ranting on the topic of a controversial issue

There is nothing I dread more than Mr. There are established faculty processes to determine whether a course meets those shared standards. Legalisation of cannabis would not eliminate the crime committed by the illicit trade, nor would it address the harms associated with drug dependence and the misery that this can cause to families.

If you don't like it you can just read DC, or Image, or any other publisher, and happily ignore whatever Marvel does, so there's really no need to get your panties in a twist about it.

Unless I get notable in a hurry—win the Nobel Peace Prize. This part is pulled from the US National Archives, enjoy. So after this first little survey, I got a little carried away. Should English be the national language of India. When the side effect of the Red Pill diminishes it's utility warning: In the past, the entry on Hurricane Frances was more than five times the length of that on Chinese artand the entry on Coronation Street was twice as long as the article on Tony Blair.

Chip implants in pets for identification. In an article in the Times Higher Education magazine London philosopher Martin Cohen describes Wikipedia as having "become a monopoly" with "all the prejudices and ignorance of its creators," which he calls a "youthful cab-driver's" perspective.

Wikipedia:List of controversial issues

Core content policies Wikipedia regards the concept of a neutral point of view as one of its non-negotiable principles; however, it acknowledges that such a concept has its limitations—its NPOV policy states that articles should be "as far as possible" written "without editorial bias".

When the 19th Amendment giving them that right was ratified in Augustonly one of the women who had signed the Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments was alive—Charlotte Woodard Pierce. The number of adults aged using cannabis in the last year in England and Wales has declined over the last decade from 9.

Stanton, who was 32 at the time of the convention, would spend the rest of her life fighting for the right to vote. Separation of Church and State Sexism Free condoms with morning newspapers Should the freedom be pressed be blocked by the Government.

Research Topic Ideas

The prose of the Wikipedia articles was "both verbose and dull" and thus difficult to read, because "the skill and confident judgment of a seasoned historian" are absent from the antiquarian writing style of Wikipedia, as opposed to the writing style used by professional historians in the American Heritage magazine.

In Agence France-Presse quoted Daniel Brandt, the Wikipedia Watch owner, as saying that "the basic problem is that no one, neither the trustees of Wikimedia Foundation, nor the volunteers who are connected with Wikipedia, consider themselves responsible for the content.

UK Politics: The Petition Delusion

At the time, Mott was in her mid-forties and a Quaker minister, feminist, and abolitionist. The next stage in this petition process is the debate.

Seneca Falls Convention

I prefer overlapping individual think. At the time of the Seneca Falls Convention she was 19 and a glove maker, sewing pieces at home sent to her by a manufacturer.

Born in Johnstown, New York, Cady Stanton demonstrated both an intellectual bent and a rebellious spirit from an early age. Marriage to Henry Stanton brought Elizabeth Cady Stanton—she insisted on retaining her maiden name—into contact with other independent-minded women.

Andrew Schlafly created Conservapedia because of his perception that Wikipedia contained a liberal bias. Mandatory implants of contraception against pregnancy for all both sexes close to the average onset of puberty until people obtain a license to have children.

I dislike the terms overall. One of the most important principles of an academic community has been that academic inquiry and discussion be free from censorship or undue outside control.

Controversial debate

Stanton, a young bride and active abolitionist, admired Mott and the two became friends. A study found no correlation between characteristics of a given Wikipedia page about an academic and the academic's notability as determined by citation counts.

Over-posting means repeatedly posting about the same topic or about items for sale, in a way that annoys your neighbors. Replying to your own post as a means of bumping it to the top of the newsfeed may be considered over-posting.

Sep 11,  · Let’s keep to the issue here, an employee’s right to limited or unlimited free speech in the workplace and you and Kolar workout your own differences.

The case of Cohen vs California had nothing to do with an employee and employer and workplace behavior. I’ll spare you the ranting and raving that you can find in countless other pockets of the internet (or my house), except for one small, very personal anecdote about this topic.

You see, I am self-employed, as a working artist and bona-fide small business owner.

Was Wu Zetian's inclusion in Civ 5 suppose to be controversial?

YookaLaylee posted What's comicgate? And why do people keep putting gate at the end of every "scandal" now? It's stupid. Comicsgate was an attempt by Gamergaters, most notably Adam Baldwin, to replicate their "success" in comics after DC rescinded a controversial Batgirl cover.

The Donald trumps the competition in new polling, while Bernie Sanders draws record crowds across the country. Ed Schultz, Caroline Heldman and Ron Christie discuss the presidential campaign.

I don't know what he literally said in the article, All I am saying is the human eye has a resolution. It is literally an array of rods and cones ( million light receptors) that in conjunction with the eyeball (the optics) send s the brain an image.

A ranting on the topic of a controversial issue
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