Black money in india essay

This kind of society behaviors provokes these money launderers to play with black money. This can be done only if hard work and honest enterprise become truly rewarding. We need to wait and see to check the results of these measures.

It transpired that the demonetsation drive had nothing to do with black money. Conclusion The government has taken certain steps to eradicate the issue of black money. Cases are pending in courts against many of them on charges of having acquired these assets by illegal means.

Some of those reasons are: It has further argued that the privacy of individuals would be violated by the revelation of data. There are international smuggling rackets which facilitate this kind of trade.

It is in various forms like shares, bonds, securities, or other forms of instruments. Mauritius and Singapore with their small economies cannot be the sources of such huge investments and it is apparent that the investments are routed through these jurisdictions for avoidance of taxes and for concealing the identities from the revenue authorities of the ultimate investors, many of whom could actually be Indian residents, who have invested in their own companies.

The observation was made during the debate on defaulting Kingfisher Airlines thereby linking the election funding issue and corporate debt restructuring.

Black Money Essay

Also, until 31 December, people were only allowed to withdraw Rs 2, maximum per day from ATMs, Rs 24, per week from banks. Economists and financial analysts believe that a large percentage of black money being held in cash in India would now be brought into the mainstream economy through the banks, which would bolster economic growth over the long term.

Several terms with similar meaning are used widely. The most unfortunate aspect is that it has come to be accepted as normal fact of life. In our country corruption flourishes even more because the wrong doers and corrupt people get very nominal punishment and are often exonerated with a convenient settlement.

So, Indians are routing their foreign funds back to India as the capital appreciation in Indian capital markets is far more attractive. Subramanian Swamy said that DTA was not a valid reason for not revealing names of the accounts of Indians held in foreign banks.

Further, the share of Indians in the total bank deposits of citizens of all countries in Swiss banks has reduced from 0. India and Switzerland, claims a report, have agreed to allow India to routinely obtain banking information about Indians in Switzerland from 1 April These voluntary schemes have been criticized on the grounds that they provide a premium on dishonesty and are unfair to honest taxpayers, as well as for their failure to achieve the objective of unearthing undisclosed money.

You can choose any Black Money essay according to your need and interest: It may be hoarded in cash, but eventually gets itself converted into various assets like property, jeweler and durable consumer goods. The coordinating agencies are: Following are the ways we can stop, reduce, fight and eradicate the corruption and black money.

Unless the tax laws are simplified and rationalized, tax-evasion cannot be checked. This huge expenses in turn makes them corrupt. In order to avoid paying higher rate of excise duty, the manufacturers at times downgrade a product.

Due to this split verdict, the matter will be referred to a third judge. Senior Congress Leader Manish Tewari and political commentator Paranjoy Guha Thakurta on 13 December launched the book, which attempts to debunk "a lot of lies, unknown facts and baseless rumours about Black Money".

Demonetization — A Step to Eradicate Black Money Recently, the Modi government took a major step to eradicate the problem of black money. An ordinance for this purpose was issued by the President. This will reestablish the faith of the masses in the economy and will reunite them.

Quota System The government has set a certain quota for export, import and foreign exchange. Social inequality leads to frustration among people and gives rise to crimes such as robbery, bribery and more. Black market: The good supplied in the black market are another source of black money.

Stock Market: A lot of profit is generated via the stock market trade and most of it goes unaccounted. It is this unaccounted profit that makes for the accumulation of black money.

An Essay on Black Money in India for Students, Youth and Kids

Black-money results in the functioning of a parallel economy in the country. The problem, therefore, needs immediate attention. Black money in economic terms means 'unrecorded gains'.

In other words, it is income which has escaped taxation. Black Money Essay – 3 ( words) Introduction. Black Money is one of the major problems being face by our country these days. This is one of the reasons behind the economic disparity that in turn causes social inequality which is the root cause of several problems in the country.

This Money Essay are written in simple English so that any class of student can easily understand it.

Money Essay

Money Essay 1 ( words) Money is the most basic requirement of the life without which one cannot fulfil his basic needs and requirements of the daily routine.

An Essay on Black Money in India for Students, Youth and Kids Black Money is an unaccounted money, may be acquired illegally or means of illegal ways.

The Black Money Saga In India: A Short Analysis

The black money is hidden in various forms such as, bonds, securities, shares, benami accounts, cash amounts, and other forms of wealth.

The Menace of Black Money in India – Essay on Black Money Black money is the unaccounted money in the economy. Its accumulation is a result of the evasion of taxes like income tax, sales tax, custom duties, wealth tax etc. Black money can also be generated, through the sale of fixed assets and the sale of scrap as fixed assets can .

Black money in india essay
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